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Lanner nca 1010

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System tour To me it seems that NCAB was delivered in plain cardboard box inside a shipping box, implying it is a volume product: Opening the box reveals the unit wrapped in plastic bag cover with power cords in dedicated cardboard cover: The power cords and transformer in question are able to input VAC Hz with 1,5 amps and deliver 12 V AC with 3 amps.

Included cord type was not the same we are using in Finland, but I was able to replace it, as it is a regular 2-pole power socket in the transformer. Pictured below the included transformer and power cord: The system is in very small form-factor and, as described earlier, fanless.

Dimensions are Included is also a RJ connector for serial console and concealed reset button: Backside of the unit. Thermal paste visible on Two spots, the larger being for the processor: Close-up of the main board bottom side: Installation From this point I jumped into installation.

First I needed some memory. This should be more than enough for gateway usage. Memory had to be installed before putting the system board back to the chassis, so I did it: Next I screwed up a bit. The drive brand was quite uncommon Zheino. Here is the drive package: The actual drive was much smaller, as expected: I installed the drive in the correct socket: Aaand finally I was able to see the drive listed in BIOS and nothing was broken!

From here I proceeded into installing a recent Debian Linux. With shorter cable I had no problems, however. It should be noted also that after plugging the power cable in, the unit seems to be needing 2 power button presses to get it to boot. Subsequent presses are needed only once per operation as long as the cable remains in place. System tests After installing Debian I wanted to make some performance tests. First I drew some traffix between the ethernet ports.

I stopped at 8. I proceeded to download one gigabyte file many times in succession as the system sat as a gateway between. Then I re-enabled the instructions to get results for encryption acceleration. I first made an outright dangerous measurement cabling in my lab to measure DC currents: Then I measured the polarity, adjusted cables and installed DMMs: When unit is not powered up, it draws 0.

Page 21 3 Do NOT pile items on top of the system to prevent damages due to this improper use. Lanner is not liable for damages caused by improper use of the product. Please follow the steps to install the DIMM module. Please follow the steps below for installation. Locate the mini-PCIe socket and align the notches between the socket and the module.

Then insert the module as shown in the image. The parameter is set as "Power On" by default. Users can select any of the items in the left frame of the screen.

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#shorts IIoT-I300 Ultra-Compact Fanless Industrial IoT Computer

NCA is Lanner’s revolutionary ultra compact x86 networking system built with Intel® Bay .serp-item__passage{color:#} Despite its compact size, NCA delivers rich I/O connectivity and scalability. Compact Fanless x86 Network Appliance with Intel Bay Trail Platform (Atom E or E CPU), NCA Datasheet, NCA circuit, NCA data sheet: LANNER, alldatasheet, Datasheet, Datasheet. The Lanner NCAB is a great purchase for gigabit LAN gateway appliance in case you want to ditch those malfunctioning Realtek NICs and invest in quality Intel stuff. Lanner Inc. can be reached from their website at.